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    It's time love warriors. 
    Dear soul family

    Letter gtom moses,, 

    Moses Love

    Introducing The Love Warrior
    Yoga Teacher Training
    The Spiritual Warrior includes a private community for activating your God-given gifts, expanding yourself, and courageously stepping into a powerful leader for the modern day.

    As a movement, we are a group of powerful individuals grounded in the Spirit of God and Unity, activating each other as Spiritual Leaders, the Lions, and stepping up boldly in courage and grounded in absolute truth.

    In The Spiritual Warrior, you will...
    • ​Fearlessly step into your calling and be completely assured in your purpose
    • ​Unlock your Spiritual Gifts to impact your community and nation
    • ​Source clear openings for action to make the difference you know you're meant to make
    • ​Stand grounded in your connection with God (Source) in the spirit of courage while killing the spirit of fear
    Calling On New Leaders
    As a people, we are divided and in conflict, fighting against everything except the true cause of all this suffering, the one true enemy, the self-appointed “elites,” an evil force lurking in the shadows, hidden and out of sight. 

    If we sit back, complacent and in fear, we will destroy ourselves and our planet. 

    If we remain silent, we will be enslaved, like cattle to these elites, transhuman, marked and controlled like operating systems, allowing for the removal of our freedoms and the destruction of our precious connection to source.

    Spiritual Warriors are the Ones who are standing in Truth and Unity. Spiritual Warriors are the Ones uniting and standing in absolute truth as one people, one mission, and one nation, under God. 

    Will you stand by and let our world be destroyed?
    Meet The Faculty

    Moses Love

    Moses Love is a perpetual seeker of truth and sharer of love. He is a down to earth spiritual soul, know to be straightforward while creating a safe, loving sacred space to awaken. He is a Musician, Artist and Servant of God. 
    He has been teaching yoga for over 20 years and leading yoga teacher trainings since 2015
    Over 150 students have graduated from his Unique Transformational Yoga Teacher Training Program 
    Moses had a Yoga Studio open for 17 years in South Florida and after returning from India in 2019 he was guided to close that chapter.
    Currently Moses is traveling and sharing his teachings around the country.
    He will in south Florida for the Winter and is honored and excited to offer a Yoga Teacher Training Program.

    Moses is also the Founder of I ❤️Yoga Brand 
    Founded in 2002 an international clothing and educational brand. That Designs, Creates and Distributes Yoga inspired Clothing Jewelry and education worldwide. 

    Moses also does personal coaching and online sound healing mantra chanting. He works with individuals who wish to discover their voices and authentic self expression. He co-author a book titled Live Hard because you can and travels the world sharing his timeless message. Moses mission to be a vessel for the divine and to share that love in the world He can be found on Instagram 
    Etsy: Iloveyogabymoses 
    Email: moses@iloveyoga.comi
    A Sneak Peek Inside

    The Spiritual Warrior Inner Circle community where you will meet and collaborate with other Spiritual Warriors, all using their spiritual gifts for the good of the planet.

    In the membership area, you will find:
    - Weekly video trainings
    - Downloadable resources & activities
    - A collection of resources & links to dive into specific topics
    - Recordings of all live meeting sessions

    You will have unprecedented direct access to Justin via direct message. Having a direct channel to the leaders is a priceless element of your program and creates an ease and speed in your own evolution.

    The Three Pillars Of The Program
    You will gain a deep awareness of your spiritual gifting and how it aligns with your calling. As opposed to personality assessments that lack a trained coach and clear action, you will have a clear understanding of how your gifts work in your life and how to be effective within your community or as part of a team.
    Being 'awake' means different things to different people. As a community, we approach the idea of awakening from many angles, grounded in an open mind and open heart. We equip you with everything you need to stand confidently in your leadership.
    Leadership cannot be learned in a book or by studying other leaders. Leadership is an active phenomenon and is all in your BEING. You will walk out of this program 'Being A Leader' and a warrior for the good guys.
    When You Join The Spiritual Warrior...
    Immediate Access to the Members Area where you can begin in minutes with the "Get Started" module.
    Complete the On-boarding Questionnaire so you can let us know why you're here and what you want to accomplish.
    Complete the Gifts Assessment and immediately get your Spiritual Gifts breakdown, which we will expand with you during the course.
    Get in the private community and start connecting with like-minded warriors.
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